Role Of Social Media (LinkedIn)

Updated: Apr 26

1-9-90 Rule

"There is a rule of thumb called the 1– 9– 90 rule. It says that 1 percent of the people create the social media content, 9 percent of people participate in that content, and the other 90 percent are passive. It’s okay to be passive— although as a marketer, you want to be sure you understand the nuances of what it means to participate. Next, you want to identify people in your business or industry who are influencers and power-users.

Engagement is important. Search online to find recent articles that talk about the players in your area who are doing social media well and identify experts who discuss social media marketing in general. Set up phone discussions with your fellow marketing peers and compare notes to be sure you are doing the right things. It is not a competition, instead look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow (Agresta, S., Bough, B. B., & Miletsky, J. I., 2010)."

Other Important Marketing Strategies

The following tips are important: 1. Keep refining your LInkedIn profile (Keep up to date, have a nice header image etc.) 2. Create an effective LinkedIn page (Showcase your brand and educate people on it) 3. Define your audience and goals (Once you know what you want to accomplish, this part will come naturally) 4. Optimize your page for search (Insert keywords, share links, share relevant content & use effective hashtags) 5. Grow your page followers (connect, follow, promote page, LinkedIn articles, blogs, share business page/invite) 6. Publish engaging content on your company page 7. Use rich media to increase engagement (PDF's, Powerpoints, Videos, Colorful Graphics) 8. Highlight your best content & share often (Business LinkedIn, N.D.).

How this type of marketing is reflected in my personal life

This part comes from me and so the research is my experience. I have been in business for two years this coming December. The name of my company is Graham Virtual Marketing Solutions, LLP. When I first started the marketing company in 2018 it was only me and I had no idea how to brand myself. As time went on, this past year I decided to just be me. I have over six year of self - taught web design experience, social media and writing content knowledge and this was before I started taking courses at SNHU for marketing. I know I am an expert in my field because some of the online materials and resources from the school is outdated. You see, everyday I am researching information for Pay Per Click analysis, SEO, SEM, SMM, videos, content and graphic writing and design, consulting, and partnerships. For me my name is on the line so this is personal. However, I do not allow emotions to get in the way of having intelligent conversations with prospects, social listening and the daily grind. My personal image is just as important as my business brand. As it should be (Smith, H.H., 2019).


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Written by Lydia Graham of Graham Virtual Marketing Solutions.