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Build a Winning Customer Strategy 2022

Customers play an essential role in any business. Customers hold the power to make a company fall or prosper. The secret to a happy client is to be sure they are in the passenger seat of their marketing seat. You (the marketing professional) are the driver always in control but you never want them to feel like you are taking over or changing their brand to fit an agenda. You are the expert in your industry which is what the driver's seat reference means. After all the customer has come to you to guide them.

Your job is to do the following:

  • Consult - Give help or advice based on their agenda or initiatives. Find out about their company - who they are. What is their brand (aka their message or key message to the world that they want to convey)?

  • Once the marketer determines who the client is as a brand, the next step is to align its strategies with their business model.

  • Next and this is key (BUILD VALUE). Bring in customer value by understanding your customer better and driving solutions towards it. If this is not done in the first two consultations more than likely there will not be another meeting.

  • Build a customer persona or build a marketing wheel such as the one here below. This gives them a visual of what to expect. Including a PowerPoint is another great visual solution also shown here below.

Customer marketing focuses on elevating and leveraging current customers' experiences to improve retention and growth. Successful customer marketing relies on properly segmenting your audience, effectively engaging with customers, and maintaining a customer advocacy program. Keep in mind that the best marketers strategize and make decisions with their client's interests in mind every step of the way.

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