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Where to Create and Sell Digital Content Online. For Digital Marketing Professionals

Updated: Jul 13

Digital content
Digital Marketing Professioals

Are You a Digital Marketing Professional that Knows How To Create Digital Content? OR Teach Others How?

Are you looking for ways to create and sell digital content online? From e-books and images to videos and music. Some freelancers say they have problems finding clients. Some say they find the client but feel the client ends up doing most of the work yet does not know what they are doing. Some freelancers feel alone and isolated. If you are Digital Marketing Professional this information will be beneficial. All of the above can be extremely frustrating. There are ways to avoid people if that part of the equation is not working out for you. That is right, you can still be the expert just be the scenes instead of dealing with the drama. Put your knowledge into online tutorials or overviews and sell them online.

You can also sell logos, art, and headers for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Most digital marketing experts have the basic knowledge of Adobe, Canva, Pixl, and other content-creating platforms, tools, and resources as well as the ability to teach how to put it all together. Creating original content is as easy as taking a photo and optimizing it or turning it into a painting.

Some of the best platforms for content creation are:

Some of the best platforms to sell content are:

Making a presence online with all the Noise out here is not easy. However, to do nothing is career suicide for many small businesses trying to get their name on the map. The thing I want to leave with the readers of this blog post is this: Get online no if you have not already. Choose at least two social media platforms. Do a search for best content creating tools and resources (preferably with AI integration. If you feel overwhelmed reach out to Graham Virtual Marketing Solutions for help.

Written by: Lydia Graham, Author/Owner/Freelancer/Virtual Guru 06/02/2023

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